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Bacta-X Miami Fragrance Antibacterial Air Freshener

by Bacta-X

The Bacta-X Miami Fragrance antibacterial air freshener is both a premium hospital-grade disinfectant spray and air freshener.

Its fragrance contains notes of geranium, spicy pink peppercorns and cedarwood. This fills spaces with an elegant, warm and sensual scent.

Its formula contains a twin-chain quaternary ammonium compound which allows it to kill 99.9999% of common bacteria and viruses. It is also suitable for use in many areas such as homes, offices and cars.


  • Environmentall friendly
  • Uses a non-toxic formula with no harmful side effects
  • Eliminates germs effectively
  • Freshens up spaces with pleasant smell

Directions for use

Hold the spray bottle upright and aim the dispenser towards the area you wish to disinfect. Spray as many times as you deem necessary

Based on NEA guidelines, it is recommended that you disinfect your environment every 2 to 3 days at least.

As the product is flammable, it should be kept away from heat and stored in a cool and dry place.

Production Certification

Report from TÜV SÜD PSB Singapore